FHWS Reader, Julieta, Makes An Important Discovery

photocreditsaudiarabiaministryofinteriorBeing short on time, I fired off a quick email to Juliet, stating that Saudi women must be 25 years old and Saudi men must be 35 years old to apply for the marriage permission. In reply, she sent me a link to the Ministry of Interior’s website where it listed the procedures because she was still confused. So I went there and it all looked familiar to me because I have a page set up on FHWS for Saudi Marriage Permit Guidelines/MOI. I immediately went to the link for the one that applies to a Saudi wanting to marry a non-Saudi which was “For Those Wishing To Marry From Abroad”. I did a double take as I read through the requirements and saw the age as 25 years instead of 35 years! I thought to myself, could this be a typo? So I checked the other categories that were specifically for Saudi men and they all mentioned 25 years. Wow! Unbeknownst to Julieta, she had stumbled onto a very important discovery. To summarize, the age requirement for Saudi men to apply for the marriage permission has been reduced from 35 years to 25 years except for marrying a Moroccan which was only decreased to 30 years of age. The Moroccan government has their own set of rules for a Saudi marrying their female citizens. Anyway, I was not aware of any of this being announced by the Ministry of Interior through Saudi news agencies. Sometimes the only way we know that something has changed is to either go to the government website or inquire in person at either the Ministry of Interior or emarah. To verify details of the new procedures, you can go to the English page for Saudi Arabia – Ministry of Interior – Riyadh Principality. I will be updating the marriage permit guidelines page and posting it shortly. If you were one of those who knew of this change, please tell me how you found out about it. Thanks.


Your name, nickname or anonymous: Julieta

Type or copy/paste your submission here: Hi, I found this page where it shows different ways for marry a Saudi. I was asking my self about the category, “wishing to marry abroad” and how that works because I didn’t understand it very well. The Saudi men can go and marry outside? I though that wasn’t allowed. Can you explain this to me because I’m still looking for ways to marry with my Saudi guy. The first one he is not 30 but in this one they ask for 25 years old so maybe there could be a chance. Thanks

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7 thoughts on “FHWS Reader, Julieta, Makes An Important Discovery”

  1. My husband was reading through this in Arabic and discovered that the category for marrying a foreign wife abroad, when in Arabic, shows the age as 30 instead of 25 like on the English version. I have no confirmation either way, just wanted to point out the discrepancy :/


    1. I just reviewed the rules on the Arabic website and did a comparison with the English version and your husband is right, there are discrepancies between the two. I also found another discrepancy and will be sharing that in a new post. Thanks for pointing the errors out! I can see why Julieta was confused.


  2. Nicole, here is the link with further explanations https://taraummomar.wordpress.com/2014/07/02/saudi-marriage-procedure-guidelines-ministry-of-interior

    Bottom line…your Saudi is going to have to appear in person to ask what the current process is. Eventually, he will need to go to the emarah to get it started anyway. There is only so much we non-Saudi women can do online or otherwise…our Saudis must step up to the plate and do the leg work.


    1. We’ve applied three times but have been rejected. He asked in person and they said it was the age that held us back but that even if he was 35 they wouldn’t gaurentee it. He is 32 now. I’m not sure if it will ever get accepted or what more to do. I appreciate you taking the time to respond though.


      1. Oh no! I feel very badly for you all. We were rejected once and the second time my husband acquired a wasta through a friend of a friend who was a pilot for Prince Muhammad ibn Na’if. He approved it alhamdullah. I think that is what your Saudi is going to have to do now. If he doesn’t know anyone in an influential position, start with petitioning a prince. They have their gatherings (diwan) where they take requests from the people at their palace. Stay strong and don’t give up! May Allah grant you the permission soon ameen.


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