Saudi Arabia Bans Marriages To Bengali, Pakistani, Chadian, Burmese Women

6countriesbytaraummomarThis is so wrong! What will happen to the marriage permission applications that have already been submitted by Saudi men to marry women of these four nationalities?


Saudi Arabia Bans Its Citizens To Marry Some Foreign Girls
By Tajudin
Diplomat News Network | Makkah
5 August 2014

A new law in Saudi Arabia banns men from marrying Bengali, Pakistani, Chadian and Burmese women, while it sets new restrictive rules on marrying Moroccan women.

According to the Saudi daily Makkah newspaper, any Saudi man who wishes to marry a Moroccan woman has to prove that her profile is free of any crimes and serious diseases, and that she is not a drug addict.

Even though a Moroccan woman’s profile meets all the requirements, in order to be able to marry an already married Saudi man, he must obtain formal approval from his first wife.

In addition, an applicant who is already married to a Saudi woman must attach a medical report on the status of his wife, confirming that she is sick, disabled, or cannot give birth.

The newspaper added that “Saudis will not be able to marry citizens of four nationalities,” namely Chad, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, and Burmese.

Speaking to the same newspaper, the director of the Mecca Police, Major General Assaf Qurashi said that requests for marriage from outside Saudi Arabia are made through official procedures under very strict terms. Among those restrictions, the age gap between the couple must not exceed 25 years.

To marry from outside the Kingdom or the GCC, Saudis must submit an application to a government committee and wait for the approval or rejection, which could take a quite along time.

There have been no official statements from the government clarifying these tougher curbs on mixed marriage, tougher conditions on marrying foreigners, precisely Moroccans, and barring Saudis from marrying women from certain Muslim countries.




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8 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia Bans Marriages To Bengali, Pakistani, Chadian, Burmese Women”

  1. This is wrong from the beginning. God gave FREE WILL to every human being on earth. That means that everybody is free to choose what he(she) considers is the best and would make him(her) happy. In the moment you ask another human being, in this case the government, you’re given the power that God gave you to them, and at the same time you’re putting the government over God’s messages. What a person can do is to pray for wisdom and enlightenment to recognize the perfect person that God has for he(she) and for patience to be able to wait in calm, harmony and happiness.


  2. So what happens if a person finds his(her) perfect partner, but is the government (human decisions) who do not allow you to get married? Under which circumstances or criteria the government decides who is better or not for each person?
    For many men the right person may be a woman from the nationalities banned (Bengali, Pakistani, Chadian, Burmese), but only God knows what is the best, the truth and the purpose of each person in the world. So?


  3. They can try to prevent these marriages all they want but the truth is everything happens by qadr. When one door closes, Allah opens another.


  4. is it Allah write in surah baqarah,to marry only syrian woman and.syrian woman only will enjoy all benefits of ksa.Allah make pairs before billion years of human birth,as it is written in quran. should we follow Quran or saudi government?this is discrimination.


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