Saudi-Filipino Man Reverts To Islam

Finding The Way: Fahd Khaled Hadi with Batha Dawa Center officials. (
Finding The Way: Fahd Khaled Hadi with Batha Dawa Center officials. (

Filipino Of Saudi Origin Embraces Islam
By P. K. Abdul Ghafour
Arab News | Jeddah
1 Oct 2014

A Filipino worker in Riyadh who was born to a Saudi father recently embraced Islam at the Dawa Center in Batha.

Fahd Khaled Hadi, who was raised Christian and has lived with his mother in the Philippines for the past 29 years, is now on the search for his biological dad.

The Filipino arrived in the Kingdom for work.

“He visited our office, expressing his desire to become a Muslim. We taught him the basics of Islam and he converted two days ago,” an official at the center said.

Hadi’s father, who belonged to the Kingdom’s southern region, parted ways with his Filipino wife after one-and-a-half years of married life. The Filipino then left the Kingdom with her son. His mother embraced Islam three years ago.

As many as 2,476 foreign workers have embraced Islam at the Dawa Center in Batha, the official said. “During the past five days, 31 people embraced Islam, including Hadi and a Romanian female English teacher,” he added.

Meanwhile, an Australian woman surprised participants of the Saudi National Day celebrations in Melbourne by declaring her decision to embrace Islam. She announced her decision after visiting a pavilion on Islamic propagation at an exhibition organized by the Saudi Students Club.

Abdul Rahman Al-Moussa, a spokesman at the club, said the 24-year-old woman expressed her desire to embrace the Islamic faith during the event. She later converted in front of the Saudi Cultural Attache in Australia, Abdul Aziz bin Talib, and the club members.

Saudi bloggers were happy over the woman’s conversion to Islam. “This shows the universality of Islam,” said one blogger. “This proves that Islam will continue to spread all over the world despite the smear campaigns against it by enemies in both East and West,” said Sulaiman Al-Rubaian.

Islam is the second fastest growing religion in Australia, which has a population of more than 20 million.

Muslims constitute about 2.5 percent of the population. Melbourne, with a Muslim population of 180,000, is the main center of Islamic activities. Lebanese and Turkish nationals constitute the largest number of Muslim migrants.



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