Proof Of Kinship Cases: Makkah Has Highest Number, Followed By Madinah And Then Riyadh

photocredittasneemt1,853 Kinship Proof Cases Filed In Courts Last Year
Arab News | Jeddah
26 Oct 2014

The Kingdom’s courts registered 1,853 cases of proof of kinship last year with Makkah capturing the largest share at 907 cases followed by Jeddah (486), Al-Watan daily said.

Madinah received the third biggest number of kinship proof cases at 147, followed by Riyadh at 121 cases, Dammam (36), Abha (30), Khobar (27), Taif (26), Buraidah (23), Jazan (19), Ahsa (17), and Baha (8), the paper said.

Proof of kinship issues arise in the event of a Saudi father marrying a foreign wife but without obtaining the required official documents. The marriage is deemed legal, but the offspring sometimes require proof of kinship to claim inheritance rights.

If the marriage takes place abroad, the Saudi man has to visit the Saudi embassy in that country to obtain legal documents to bring his family to the Kingdom.

Upon arrival, the Saudi husband has to approach the court and register his family providing proof of kinship of his wife and children, Amnesty International and Arab Organization for Human Rights member Dr. Ihab Al-Sulaimani told the paper.

He said the majority of these marriages are registered in the Makkah region due to the large number of foreign nationalities, notably women coming for Haj or umrah purposes. The number of Saudi men marrying women of foreign communities is very high especially those from Yemen, he said.

To prove kinship relations with the children of such marriages, the Saudi husbands have to go to general courts and it is usually done in one session. However, in case of denial of kinship by the Saudi fathers, there may be need of further evidence such as DNA samples, he added.

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