Instructions For Acquiring Permanent Iqamah For Non-Saudi Wife/Widow/Divorcee

permanent_iqamaDear FHWS readers,

It has been a while since I posted and for that, I sincerely apologize. I am very busy and relegate my time towards replying to comments on the blog and in private. I don’t post unless there is something extremely important. Which is right now. I bring to your attention that on 22 March 2015, I was forwarded the below image via Twitter from a FHWS reader who wishes to remain anonymous. I thank this person profusely for their kindness and also my husband for translating the Arabic into English.

Please note that the Saudi husband of a non-Saudi woman is her sponsor and thus he must apply for the permanent iqamah for her. If the non-Saudi woman is widowed or divorced and has a Saudi child or Saudi children, see 9a and 9b. The instructions for the permanent iqamah requirements will have a separate page which will be located at the very top of the blog under the heading, Permanent Iqamah.

Insha’Allah I hope to write about the end of our marriage permission journey when I have more time this summer and can sit down with my husband to develop an outline of everything that has transpired since the last post, Let Me Tell You How I Got Here. It has been a long, bumpy road being here but I get nostalgic just thinking about the first time I walked on Saudi soil.

May Allah expedite your marriage permission approval and permanent iqamah ameen!


Passport Office Requirements For Acquiring A Permanent Iqamah For A Non-Saudi Wife, The Mother Of Saudi Children
Submitted by Anonymous
Transcribed by Tara Umm Omar
Translated by Abu Omar

1. Iqamah, original

2. Passport, original

3. Husband’s national ID, original

4. Marriage permit, original and notarized

5. Family card, original

6. Child’s birth certificate, original

7. Iqamah request form

8. Copy from all of the above (1-7)

9. In case of the widows/divorced:
a. Renew iqamah under current sponsor
b. Or visit the concerned government office to open a file in the system using her own iqamah to be her own sponsor

10. Fingerprints must be done for the wife

Click on image to view it bigger
Click on image to view it bigger

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Tara Umm Omar

American married to a Saudi.

5 thoughts on “Instructions For Acquiring Permanent Iqamah For Non-Saudi Wife/Widow/Divorcee”

  1. Can a permanent iqama holder work and also does she pay into the Saudi social security system like a Saudi citizen while employed?


    1. What I’ve read is that non-Saudi wives of Saudis are counted in the nitaqat system as a Saudi and have the same rights as a Saudi as if they have citizenship. I don’t know about social security specifically so you will have to ask someone at the Ministry of Labor.


  2. Asalamualaikum Tara, this blog has been a great help for me… i have one question … can you please help me… i have been married since 4 years now and stay in jeddah, me and my husband are from pakistan. i had taken divorce from him due to some personal problems. i have a 1 year old son with me. also i dont have anyone here in jeddah with me, i am planning to go on exit as my parents reside in pakistan. my iqama and my sons iqama is under my ex-husband. if i go on exit can i easily travel with my son? will there be no problem as the court judge has approved that he cannot take the child until 9 years for a boy in shariah.
    also my ex-husband does not have any one here.

    can you please help me in this? can i travel safely with my son to pakistan, as i dont have anyone here in jeddah except my brother who is working.


  3. MEME12379Toggle Sidebar
    June 21, 2015
    Hi Tara!

    I am Russian citizen(muslim), my husband is Saudi and we are curently residing in UAE. We did get married overseas as my hubby has dual citizenship and he never was sure he will obtain Saudi permission for marriage but lately he is very concerned about it and saying we cant have children without it and he doesnt want his kids to grow up far from his family. Fair enough but he just told me aslo that due to some political tensions( ?) between our native countries its totally banned for Saudis to marry Russians… i searched the internet there is nothing about it, i asked our Saudi friends- they all say its lenghty process but its possible. Is my case – who wants to do it will find the way and who doesnt will find the reasons to do it case…?

    Can you help me with some information about it or any of the followers here came across same ?

    Appreciate any insights…

    Salamu Aleikum…


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