Expats Will Be Assigned A Mazoun For Marriage

photocreditarabnewsExpats Don’t Have To Marry In Court Now
Arab News | Riyadh
21 December 2015

The Ministry of Justice intends to assign a special mazoun (imam) to sign marriage contracts for non-Saudis at home.

Other marriage contract procedures will be canceled for non-Saudis in the courts of personal status to spare them of the trouble and to save the time of the judiciary, sources told a local publication.

Judicial sources explained that the procedures for marriage contracts are not in the jurisdiction of the judiciary in the first place.

The move coincides with the rise in the number of signed marriage contracts for non-Saudis.

In Hijri year 1436 (Oct. 25, 2014-Oct.14, 2015 in the Gregorian calendar), Riyadh recorded the highest number of signed marriage contracts with 1,044, about 4.7 percent of the total number of contracts signed in the capital. Al-Ahsa came second on the list with 267 contracts and Jazan with 242.

Justice Minister Waleed Al-Samani recently issued a decision to amend Article 10 of the regulations involving the Kingdom’s mazouns concerning the competence of courts to document marriage contracts for non-Saudis.

Photo Credit: Arab News



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