Missing Malaysian Asked About Process To Marry A Saudi


Missing Single Mother Contacted Friend To Find Out Process Of Marrying Saudi Man
MalayMail Online | Kuala Lumpur
3 January 2016

Single mother Nor Azimah Ibrahim who went missing in Madinah, Saudi Arabia had contacted her friend in the holy land to find out the process of marrying a Saudi Arabian national or local staying there.

Abdul Aziz Abas, who is now staying in Madinah to pursue a master’s degree at the Madinah Islamic University, said Nor Azimah contacted him via Whatsapp to seek information before she was reported missing.

“I was a little worried she asked such questions because I may have to manage a marriage or things like that because I am busy with my studies, examinations, doing my thesis,” he said when contacted by Bernama TV here, today.

Abdul Aziz who had known Nor Azimah, 31, when studying at a college in Malaysia had asked Nor Azimah to contact his wife for further clarification on the marriage process.

“I told Azimah to contact my wife for any information,” he said, adding that Nor Azimah did not contact him or his wife after that.

Abdul Aziz said the Saudi Arabian authorities had also called him to record his statement following Nor Azimah’s disappearance.

Nor Azimah, who has a daughter, is from Section 30, Shah Alam, Selangor, and went to perform the Umrah on December 11 with her father and mother.

Her mother, Zamhari Zakaria, 52, said the last time she was together with her daughter was on December 19.

Meanwhile, Zamhani who arrived in Malaysia on December 23, said the whole family should have returned home on December 22. — Bernama

Photo Credit: Utasan Online



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2 thoughts on “Missing Malaysian Asked About Process To Marry A Saudi”

  1. Dear Sir /Madam

    I am working here in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Can I find a elderly Saudi woman for marriage But I need a woman who have a house of her own. Because I can not rent a house for long time.

    Thanking you


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