Saudi Husband Kicks Non-Saudi Wife And Children Out Of The House

photocreditsabqSaudi Government Extends Helping Hand To Homeless Woman And Children
Gulf Digital News | Riyadh
10 July 2016

The Ministry of Labour and Social Development extended a helping hand to a distressed woman and her children.

The wife, who is a foreigner found herself homeless in the street as her Saudi husband expelled her along with her children from the house.

The ministry acted fast after the homeless family’s story went viral online, prompting words of sympathy and outrage.

Twitter user Turki Al-Hamad was the first to report the case of the homeless family, posting a picture of the mother and her children on his account.

Twitter user Amani Al-Ghamdi reported the case of the family who lives in the province of Tabuk, straight to the Labour and Social Development Minister.

The ministry’s official spokesman Khalid Abal Khail thanked both Twitter users, vowing to act promptly and deal with the case.

Photo Credit: Sabq



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