Can you please assist me in finding a job in Saudi Arabia?

No, I’m not hooked up like that. My niche on this blog is focusing on non-Saudi/Saudi couples and life in Saudi Arabia. This is a marriage blog but not a matrimonial blog. See the next question. Tara Umm Omar

Can you refer me to a wasta?

I am sorry, I do not have a wasta. Tara Umm Omar

Do you help arrange marriages?

 https://taraummomar.wordpress.com/matchmaking. Tara Umm Omar

My Saudi partner married a Philipino woman whom he divorced. Is a Saudi man allowed to marry a non-Saudi woman for the second time?

Yes, a Saudi Muslim man can marry.up to four women. But if a Saudi man is already married to a non-Saudi and has received the Saudi marriage permission approval once, then its hard to get the permission to marry another non-Saudi as the second/third/fourth wife unless they have a wasta. However if your husband is divorced with proof and has no other wife, then he can marry a non-Saudi. His divorce will help him get the marriage permission quicker insha’Allah. Tara Umm Omar

I am married to a Saudi and live in Saudi Arabia with our children. I want a divorce but my husband refuses to give me custody of our children. What happens if I stay here with the children after divorce? Who would be my guardian? Can I still live here even after divorce? Do I need to have Saudi citzenship to make it easier?

If you stay in KSA after the divorce, your husband will no longer be your sponsor and you will lose your iqamah. He will also take you off of the family card and you will be deported without your children. In the majority of the cases, the judges here rule in the favor of the father to have custody of the children and that is especially if the mother is a non-Saudi. If your husband is unmerciful and doesn’t fear Allah, he can keep you from seeing your children forever.

If you get a job, the employer can transfer you to their sponsorship but you must exit and re-enter KSA in order to get a new visa. That does not guarantee you will always be able to stay in the country or get to see your children.

If you get Saudi citizenship then you will be subjected to Saudi laws. If you have male guardians here in KSA that can grant you permission to travel in and out of Saudi Arabia then that is great. It still will not guarantee that you can see your children or get custody of them. You may have more rights than a non-Saudi woman but you will still have to prove your case in court. A lot of Saudi mothers are suffering because their husbands either leave them hanging without divorcing them AND taking the children or they make them pay huge sums of money for a divorce and still take the children or they divorce them and may or may not take the children and share custody. I hope your case would be the last insha’Allah.

I am sorry to say it but children are used as pawns in divorces worldwide, not just in KSA. The difference is that here, the laws are on the side of Saudi men. For the sake of your children, you really need to decide if divorce is really worth losing them.

I recommend that you consult a shaykh and make istikhara. Tara Umm Omar

I do not want to reside in Saudi Arabia but I would like to visit my Saudi husband’s family. If I apply for a family visit visa, will providing a United States marriage certificate be sufficient?

I can give you some scenarios of what could happen but keep in mind that every person’s situation is unique: 1) If you go to the Saudi Embassy and ask them to authenticate your US marriage certificate, they may ask you for a copy of your Saudi marriage permission approval. 2) If they authenticate your US marriage certificate without asking you for a copy of your Saudi marriage permission, you can try to apply for a family visit visa. But they may tell you that you need the Saudi marriage permission approved before you can apply for any Saudi visa. Tara Umm Omar

I would like to go on umrah with my Saudi husband and our children as well as visit my husband’s family in Saudi Arabia. We do not have the Saudi marriage permission approval so my husband is not considered my mahram and thus our umrah visa was rejected. Is there any way around this rule?

My husband and I have been down this road before our marriage permission was approved…we tried just about everything and they were dead ends. I suggest that you go to Bahrain or any of the other nearby countries and meet your husband’s family there. I regret to say that umrah would not be an option for you unless you have a Muslim mahram or get your marriage permission approved. Tara Umm Omar

I am married to a Saudi and we have been trying to get our marriage permission approved for a long time with no success. Do you know a wasta that can help us? Do you know anyone that would accept a bribe?

If we knew a lot of people like you think we do, then we would have our marriage certificate, my iqamah and my son’s Saudi passport. Everything is in Allah’s hands. Too many people have gotten burned by giving bribes. A wasta with a good heart and love of Allah, would use his/her influence to help you without taking any money. Sometimes we shouldn’t force the issue. We may not understand the hukm (wisdom) behind why the marriage permission is taking a while to be approved or even rejected. We will never know until it is revealed to us from Allah and sometimes it never will be! So just put your trust in Allah and use your weapon…DU’A. Tara Umm Omar

I am a Muslimah from the Philippines working here in Saudi Arabia. I have been separated for a number of years and now in a relationship with a single Saudi man. He is keeping me a secret from his family. Is it possible for us to get married?

1. If you are separated from your husband and not divorced, under Islamic law, it is not allowed to marry again until you have divorced your legal husband. May I also add that it is not allowed for you to be involved in a non-marital relationship with a Saudi while residing in Saudi Arabia. There can be dire consequences if you are caught by Saudi police or the PVPV (aka Hai’a or morals police). If found guilty, punishment for unmarried violators could include jail time, flogging, fining and deportation of the non-Saudi. Punishment for married violators can range from all of the above including stoning. 2. Red flags go up because this Saudi is keeping your relationship a secret from his family. That is not a good sign and you should be cautious of him. It usually means that he knows his family would not approve of you. 3. Once you secure a divorce from your first husband and have proof of that, the Saudi would have to apply for the marriage permission at the Ministry of Interior. After it is approved, only then can he marry you. Tara Umm Omar

I am a Pakistani working in Saudi Arabia. I have been involved with a Saudi female for quite some time now. I asked her father for her hand but he refused to give her to me in marriage because I am not Saudi. Can we take legal action against her father?

I am sorry to hear this. Unfortunately it is a very common occurrence for a Saudi father to not allow his daughter to marry a non-Saudi man. Perhaps your Saudi has another mahram who is willing to give her away in marriage if the father would not protest or cause harm. Your Saudi should also go to the Saudi Human Rights office and complain. Another option is for her to take her case to court and ask the judge to marry her. There was a judge in the Saudi city of Onaiza who married a Saudi woman to a non-Saudi woman despite the objections of her family. More and more judges are acting as the guardians of women whose muharam refuse to let them marry the person of their choice. The ball is in your Saudi’s court, she has to be the one to initiate the legal proceedings. Tara Umm Omar

I am considering a misyar marriage. Can you please advise me?

It is not something that I would want for myself, my daughter, my sister, my mother or my aunt but to each his own. If it is a mutual agreement and you want to waive some of your marriage rights, it is between you and Allah. But please make sure that the man is an honest person and this goes for any kind of marriage. He should be thoroughly investigated by you and your wali/wakeel. Tara Umm Omar

If a Saudi is in the military, is it possible to get married with a non-Saudi?

Military officials are part of the Saudi government personnel who are not allowed to marry non-Saudis. In exceptional cases, this rule may be waived if the Saudi resigns from his post/job or gets special permission from King Abdullah. Tara Umm Omar

How can a non-Saudi couple get married in Saudi Arabia?

I think you should go to your country’s embassy located in the Diplomatic Quarters (DQ) in Riyadh (or Dhahran or Jeddah) and get information on your particular nationality’s marriage procedures for marrying in Saudi Arabia. You may also go to the Saudi Embassy in your native country and get information on “a non-Saudi permanent resident marrying a non-Saudi and eventually bringing the non-Saudi spouse to live in Saudi Arabia”. Cover all of your bases! Tara Umm Omar

Is the Saudi marriage permission a necessity?

The Saudi marriage permission approval is required BEFORE marriage. It is needed whether you and your Saudi will reside in Saudi Arabia in the future or anywhere else in the world. Should you decide to live in Saudi Arabia AFTER the marriage permit has been approved and you are married, your husband will request that the papers be sent to the Saudi Embassy in your native country (or whichever country you choose) and only then you can apply for a family visa. Once you receive the family visa, you can travel to Saudi Arabia and your husband has to transfer your visa to an iqamah before it expires in 3 months or get an extension until he can get your iqamah. Tara Umm Omar

Do all Saudis have to get the marriage permission approval?

Every Saudi has to get permission to marry a non-Saudi except those countries who are members of the GCC: Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Morocco and Jordan. Tara Umm Omar

Does the Saudi government accept marriages conducted in foreign countries?

The Saudi government will not recognize any marriage that was contracted without its permission. If a marriage occurs that is not sanctioned by the Saudi government, the Saudi may as well be single and their marital status will not be changed to reflect “married” on the family card. Tara Umm Omar

Can Saudis marry non-Saudis?

A Saudi is free to marry whomever they wish as long as they have the marriage permission approved. Tara Umm Omar

Can the non-Saudi spouse and children of a Saudi visit Saudi Arabia?

If a Saudi has a spouse and children without the Saudi marriage permission being approved, their families can not have a visa to visit Saudi Arabia or live in the country. Tara Umm Omar

How can getting the Saudi marriage permission be made easier?

30 is the age where obtaining the marriage permission is “easier”. If they are disabled, sick or divorced from a Saudi (and can prove it), this also makes it “easier” for them to be approved. Tara Umm Omar

What are the chances that a Saudi marriage permission will be approved?

I do not want to sugar coat my answer so I am going to be blunt with you: if your Saudi doesn’t have the qualifications I listed in answer #6, indeed the Saudi marriage permission would appear bleak. It depends on various factors: the mood of the people who handle your file, wasta, bribery, etc. However you should not be dissuaded from applying as it is in Allah’s hands. You will never know what happens unless you try. Tara Umm Omar

Should we get the Saudi marriage permission if my Saudi wants to live in my country for a short amount of time before we move to Saudi Arabia together?

If your Saudi plans to settle in Saudi Arabia after a few years in your country, he definitely needs to apply for the marriage permission. Do it right from the beginning or you may encounter numerous problems down the road that are a headache to rectify. Families have been separated or torn apart because of this so plan well. Tara Umm Omar

Can my Saudi obtain the Saudi marriage permission after we are married in a foreign country?

There are some couples who have received the marriage permission approval after being married (and after children) but I can’t in good conscious, recommend this. It is too risky and can involve frustrations and heartache. Tara Umm Omar

Does my Saudi need help from his family in order to apply for the Saudi marriage permission?

Your Saudi should go to the Ministry of Interior and apply for the marriage permission in person himself. If it is difficult, he may have to have the help of his family to network for wasta in order to get the permission approved quicker. Also, if his Saudi family accepts you then that is great. If they don’t and he still wants to marry you, that is great too! But you need to know that a Saudi’s family is very important to them and they rarely go against their wishes. Tara Umm Omar

How long does it take for the Saudi marriage permission to be approved?

I can’t put a number on it. Everyone’s situation is unique, some get it approved quick, some after a long time has past and others never get approved at all. Tara Umm Omar

I am a non-Saudi woman married to a Saudi (we had a civil ceremony). I work in Saudi Arabia while he studies abroad in another country. Can we live together as a couple in Saudi Arabia if the Saudi Embassy just stamps our marriage certificate? If my husband gives me power of attorney, can I apply for the marriage permission in Saudi Arabia on his behalf?

In order to live with your husband legally in KSA, you must have the marriage permission approved. Getting the marriage permission authenticated at the Saudi Embassy is just one part of the whole process. It just means that they are testifying that the marriage certificate is acceptable to them. It does not gain you a visa to KSA. And I really don’t know if they would authenticate your marriage certificate if you do not have the marriage permission approved but I guess you could try. But please be careful with the way you go about it because presenting a marriage certificate to the Saudi Embassy without being approved for the marriage permission tells them that you got married without having permission first.

The marriage permission application should be initiated at the emarah in your husband’s city and at some point the Ministry Of Interior by a Saudi man or a Saudi woman’s mahram. I doubt the Saudi government would accept a non-Saudi woman to do this irregardless of whether she has power of attorney. Additionally I think if you decide to go, they would most likely ask you where is your mahram. If you want to try it, it is up to you. But my strong suggest would be that your husband must return to Riyadh and take care of it him because it is his responsibility alone. Tara Umm Omar

I am the wife of a Saudi and I feel lonely, as if no one understands me. It is hard to find other Saudi wives who I can relate to. Plus I have a lot of questions and concerns but it is rare for me to meet any of them to discuss these personal matters I have. 

You are not alone, a lot of Saudi wives feel the same way that you do! Whether we live away from the Saudi community and feel isolated or live in Saudi Arabia and have transportation issues or simply too busy with house/family to socialize. If you are in Saudi Arabia, it is very important to have internet. It can be a lifesaver and curb some of that loneliness. Tara Umm Omar

I have a Saudi boyfriend. He is a student studying abroad. He has not told his family about me. He says that he wants to marry me but I don’t know if he will. Can you please advise me?

I do not judge but I give straightforward advice. I am a Muslim therefore I give advice based upon that. I assume your Saudi is Muslim and you are non-Muslim. Maybe you know this or maybe not, in Islam it is haram to have sexual relations before marriage and even some consider dating with no sexual relations to be haram also (I’m one of them).

It is a huge problem when Saudi men go to study abroad and take girlfriends who are non-Muslim and either do not know this fact or do not care about having sexual relations before marriage. They also do not know about the marriage permission requirement and that Saudi students can not marry while studying on government scholarships. The Saudi usually does not tell his family about his girlfriend because he knows that they will not approve or because he knows that he will end the relationship and go back to Saudi Arabia once his studies are completed. I really don’t know what your Saudi’s intentions are so you will have to discuss it with him.

Yet another problem is that Saudi men get the non-Saudi women pregnant and either ask her to abort the baby or simply leave her to deal with the pregnancy and birth alone with no future support whether it is emotional/financial. That is because an illegitimate child is frowned upon in Saudi society and he would not want the shame of people knowing his sin(s). Also it is because the Saudi will marry a Saudi woman approved by his family, usually a cousin or within his tribe.

I would advise you to ask questions of your Saudi, try to get a feel or his intentions and plans and be on your guard. If he evades your questions or makes light of them, for me personally, this would raise red flags. I don’t mean to cause suspicion but you need to protect yourself. I would encourage you to either end the relationship or get married so that your relationship will become halal in the eyes of Allah. I’m advising you this way even though I don’t know you because I don’t want you to get hurt. Tara Umm Omar

I am from an Eastern European country. I married my Saudi husband at the masjid in my country. He wants me to come live with him in Saudi Arabia on a work visa because he said that he can’t get the Saudi marriage permission. Is this the right thing to do?

Your husband must get the marriage permission approved if he wants you to live in Saudi Arabia legally with him. If you work here, you can’t be together since your marriage isn’t recognized by the Saudi government. Which means if the religious police or police find you together, your husband will be fined 100,000SR according to the new law, he could possibly be jailed, you would be deported and at the risk of being blacklisted from ever returning to Saudi Arabia. Allah forbid you get pregnant while you’re here, then the hospital could choose not to release you or the baby until your husband produces a valid marriage certificate approved by the government. The same consequences would apply as the above (fines, jail, deportation, blacklist). Plus maybe the baby would have to stay in Saudi Arabia since it would be considered Saudi while you would be kicked out of the country without your child! A Saudi child can’t exit Saudi Arabia without a valid Saudi passport. The passport office may or may not give the child a Saudi passport if the father can’t prove marriage to a non-Saudi that was sanctioned by the Saudi government. Your husband’s family would end up having to raise the baby. Should you exit Saudi Arabia to have the baby abroad before it is born,  you won’t be able to enter Saudi Arabia with the baby for the same reasons, no Saudi passport. Do it right from the beginning, trust me on this. Tara Umm Omar

I am a non-Muslim woman. I was intentionally impregnated by an Arab boyfriend and against my better judgement, married him. Things did not work out between us so we divorced. A Saudi man would like me to be his girlfriend because he said it would be difficult to get the marriage permission. I have a son and am no longer a virgin. Do you think his family would accept me?

A Muslim man can’t have a girlfriend, it is a big sin in Islam. I think you are being played for a fool because you are most likely non-Muslim. They take advantage of non-Muslim women because they think they are easy to bed since they don’t know about the marriage permission process or that Muslim men can’t have girlfriends and a sexual relationship before marriage. If you were to become romantically involved with him, you would be validating this stereotype. He does not honor or respect you if he wants you to be his girlfriend. I would never advise a woman to marry a Muslim man that wants this. Please don’t be blinded by infatuation, lust or so-called love. Arab men are very good sweet talkers, just remember your ex-husband when you were his girlfriend and how you were led to make a mistake. I would take your son and run. A respectful, honorable Muslim man would tell his family about a woman, apply for the Saudi marriage permission, marry and then have sexual relations with her in that order. That having been said, the Saudi man’s family would never accept for him to have a girlfriend in the first place as they barely accept for him to marry a non-Saudi woman. I don’t mean to be harsh, just trying to be realistic. Tara Umm Omar

I am a non-Saudi woman planning to marry a Saudi. I have a sexually transmitted disease. Will our marriage permission be denied because of that?

You both will be required to submit a medical test. Islamically, you have the moral obligation to tell your intended that you have a sexually transmitted disease. If he accepts it and still wants to marry you then alhamdullah. Here is the fatwa on marrying someone with a sexually transmitted disease called Hepatitis B http://islamqa.info/en/107785. I’m sorry but I have no way of knowing if your marriage permission application will be denied or approved as I do not work for the emarah or Ministry of Interior. Your Saudi will have to submit the paperwork and wait for the answer. Make du’a and put your trust in Allah. Billahi tawfiq. Tara Umm Omar

I have a son from a previous marriage. If I marry a Saudi, can I bring my son with me to Saudi Arabia?

I think if your marriage permission is approved and you complete the rest of the process to live in Saudi Arabia, you will have to get the permission of your son’s father that he can travel and live with you there. Then the Saudi Embassy can give your son a visa and place him under your Saudi’s sponsorship when applying for the iqamah or maybe it will have to be done once you are in Saudi Arabia. I am not sure. Best thing for you to do is contact the Saudi Embassy. Tara Umm Omar

If a Saudi man is 30 years old, is there a chance he will be approved for the marriage permission? If it is rejected, would he be allowed to re-apply?

The age requirement is set at 30. He can try to apply with a wasta or find a prince to approve the marriage permission. There have been Saudis who had their applications rejected, tried again and were successful. The key is not to give up hope and keep trying. Tara Umm Omar

What advice do you have for someone seeking the marriage permission?

There is so much advice that I can give you but time doesn’t permit. I would suggest that you read the articles on the blog as my advice is throughout most of them. Other than that, I would have to say patience and prayer. Tara Umm Omar

Can my Saudi fiance apply for the marriage permission without her mahram (guardian)?

Just as the Muslim woman needs her guardian to marry her according to Islamic law, she also needs a guardian to go with her to the emarah to apply for the marriage permission. A Saudi reporter and a non-Saudi man have both shared their marriage permission process details on FHWS and in each of their stories, the guardian accompanied the Saudi women. Furthermore, my husband had to do the same for two of his sisters (after getting custody of them from the father). Please note that before you can think about being approved for the marriage permission, you must have the marriage approval from the woman’s family. Unless something has changed recently, I guess you will just have to see for yourself. Your fiance can go to the emarah and the Ministry of Interior without her guardian, apply for the marriage permission and see what they tell her. Tara Umm Omar

I am non-Saudi. My Saudi married a Saudi because he didn’t want to go against his parents’ wishes. Do we have any chance of getting the marriage permit with me as his second wife?

The law now is that if a Saudi is already married to a Saudi and wants to marry a non-Saudi, he has to either get permission from her first or divorce her so that he can marry the non-Saudi. Tara Umm Omar

When the permission is approved and files are sent to the embassy of my choice, is there a time limit to them being finalized? What about the visa? How long does it take for the embassy to transfer the files back to the Ministry of Interior?

I don’t think there is a limit but I recommend getting it done as quick as possible. There is a limit on the visa, however, as it is only valid for three months. I don’t now how quick their turnover is…you will just have to wait and see. Call and check up on the status from time to time. Tara Umm Omar

Is it true that a Saudi must pay XX,XXX riyals to get the marriage permit?

No. But it sounds like somebody is trying to bribe him/her. Tara Umm Omar

What in your opinion is the general decision from a Saudi family about a their son marrying a non-Saudi?

Generally, parents are opposed to a Saudi marrying a non-Saudi but it is getting better little by little. The Saudi has to fight for his marriage otherwise…forget it. Unless he keeps the marriage a secret to avoid rejection and/or conflict. For more information, this falls under the “in-laws” subject so you can review all articles collected on that category https://taraummomar.wordpress.com/category/in-laws. Tara Umm Omar

I am an Asian male who works in Saudi Arabia. I would like to marry an older Saudi woman. Do you think it is possible?

I have to be frank with you…it is hard but not impossible. It depends on various circumstances and each person’s situation is unique. The most difficult obstacle is getting her mahram to approve because he is the one who has to go with her to apply for the marriage permission. If you are successful with that then the rest should be easy insha’Allah. Tara Umm Omar





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  1. Hello
    I would like to inquire about American of Arab ethnicity wanting to get married to a saudi woman. Saudi passport being granted on the long run? saudi permission requirements for her? etc


    1. Hello Faisal- She has go to apply for the marriage permission with her mahram at the emarah. At present, Saudi women are not allowed to pass on their citizenship to their non-Saudi husbands.


  2. Hi, My husband is from yemen but lives and works in Riyadh, saudi. He was born and brought up in saudi as well. I am Indian. I have a mosque certificate from India that states we are married. I currently live in India. What needs to be done to obtain a family visit visa? Or even Umrah visa? My passport has a non muslim name since i converted but have not changed the name on my passport, incase that matters.


    1. You did not say which country you and your husband are living in. If you are in India, you need to inquire at the Saudi Embassy there. Your husband must go to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia and ask them about the procedures of acquiring a visa for a spouse.


  3. salam! i am currently working here in riyadh and planning to live here with my husband soon.. the problem is i am still using my maiden name in my passport that was isued dec 2012 an i got married sept 2012 we have our marriage certificate authenticated by the nso and still under shariya it was also translated in arabic and got stamped in th saudi embassy ..is it alright if i will use my maiden name in my passport and iqama? and just marriage certificate to prove that we are legally married? thank you


    1. Wa alaikum as-salam, I’m sorry but I don’t know the answer to your question. You need to contact the Saudi Embassy and ask someone there.


  4. Salam Alaikum, Tara Umm Omar…….i’ve been here in KSA since i came here 1988(?) till now,i haven’t had my vacation to my home country. i am married to a saudi and had 7 children (6girls and a boy)….3 are married now and has 8 grandkids. my philippine passport is expired and has not changed it to a saudi passport til now. all my children were born here, so, they’re saudi. we’ve problems before regarding my passport and especially my iqama. my iqama has long been expired….maybe 15 yrs or more. he has not renewed my iqama before and not changed my passport before after staying here for 5 years. i heard, that if you stay here for 5 yrs, u can automatically become a saudi and can get and change your passport to a saudi…. we’re married in the philippines in one of the most popular or rather well-known mosque in Quiapo, Manila, Philippines. i was also converted to muslim that time. the first time my iqama expired, he renewed it ,then,i was able to go to bahrain only. the next time it expired or before it expired, i think he did not do anything to renew it because i keep on telling him, i want to go vacation to my home country. he did not renew it on purpose because he was afraid or insecured that if i go home,i won’t return back here….i won’t tell all the details why, if and only if why i don’t want to come back…i guess it’s understandable. it’s difficult and hard to adjust to their customs and traditions especially if you grew on different sorroundings and not a muslim before. but, i tried to adjust for the sake of my 7 kids. who would want to leave their children behind and not seeing them anymore? so, i have to adapt to their way of life and it’s a MUST for me. we’ve plenty of ups and down before. now, after our problems before was settled, i now have my raqum medany and was included in my husbands’ nationality id and/or tabaiyah….my name: huda Al Sadoon….wife in his id. i am one f his dependents now. my question is this: he told, i can’t still get a saudi passport because someone told him in the passport office, jowazat, that i have to renew my expired philippine passport and have to wait one month for processing the new passport because of the new regulations for getting renewal of passport. after wating and paying for the renewal fees, i have to cancel it in order to get a new saudi passport. i really need to go home and visit my family. both my parents are dead. i was not able to come to their funeral because of this problem and we have monetary problems til now because my husband is jobless and old. we just live off of my husbands governmet pension w/c is not enough for us…we just rent a house. he doesn’t want me work before because of his high pride. now, am too old to get a job and am not physically fit now for employment due to arthritis and rheumatism….and besides, my age now is if i find work is retirable…. Is it really true that i have to renew my philippine passport , then cancelling it in order to get a new saudi passport? i want to know because i want to see and understand it for myself. i really would want to know because i really miss and longs to see my family. i just want to see them and stay with them say 2 months?? my 3 brothers are coming home for vacation next month and in march….my knee illness is really hurting me. i don’t want to go home with wheelchair or if i can’t walk anymore. my passport is not of contract worker. do i have to wait for a month in order to renew it? i am a dependent, that’s what my husband keeps on telling me. so, i can go anytime at the philippine embassy for renewal. i am not a contract worker. i don’t need appointment in getting my passport renewed. OR IS IT AN ALIBI? am sorry if my message is long. i really need to know. thank u very for your time. please reply immediately….. again…THANK YOU!!!!!


    1. Wa alaikum as-salam, I do not know how it works for a passport from the Philippines but the American passport must be turned in to the Saudi government. You have to sign an oath with the American Embassy that you are not giving up your American citizenship and they will issue you a new passport. I don’t know how long this process takes either. You need to ask the Philippine Embassy how they do it.


  5. I am a Saudi woman(27 years old). I was born and raised in Saudi, I teach English Literature at a College here in Saudi. My father passed away when I was a child. My guardian now is my elder brother who does not treat me well. My family is very tribal and they believe in marriages only inside the tribe.

    I wish to marry a non-Saudi man(he was born and raised in Saudi) whom I know well since many years. He is a well educated & respectable muslim and he wishes to marry me too.
    I have desperately tried to contact many Lawyers and Religious Sheikhs during the past 5 years seeking legal support that would help me get married. So far no success, they come back to me saying it’s not possible to marry without permission of your guardian brother especially because the person you wish to marry is a Non-Saudi. They say it would have been possible to fight in the court if the man I wished to marry was Saudi.
    Knowing the mentality of my family well, I am certain my brother will never agree. In fact, if he finds out, he will make my life miserable and can cause harm to the person I want to marry. For this reason, I am afraid to approach my family until I secure a legal support.

    I thought of leaving the Kingdom to get married outside but it’s not possible to exit without my Guardian permission. He will never grant me this permission.

    I have run out of solutions & ideas. I am very tired and depressed after trying all these years. I fell in love with the man I want to marry because he has always been so patient and supportive all these years. Now, the only thing I can wish for that my brother dies so I get my freedom to choose my husband.

    I pray that you have a solution to my misery. Thank you Tara


    1. Very sorry to hear of your predicament. I have read that the fatwa for those women who do not have a mahram or none of her muharam want to marry, is that she approach the qadi/judge to ask him to marry her instead. Sadly, it seems that because of the way the law is set up by the government for Saudi/non-Saudi marriages, the judges will not marry a woman without her mahram because she actually needs a mahram to go with her and apply for the marriage permission. No mahram=no marriage permission=no marriage. Perhaps you can ask another mahram in your family on either your mother or father’s side such as an uncle or one of your grandfathers. May Allah rectify your affairs and set them aright ameen. Do you want me to publish your story on FHWS so you can get further help/advice/support?


      1. Dear Tara, thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, none of my mahrams will support, they all have the same tribal mentality and will go strongly against me. Regarding publishing my story on FWSH to get advice, please do so. However, I wish to remain anonymous.
        I read your article in the newspaper few months ago and it makes me happy to see the effort you have put in to make this wonderful website. May Allah bless you. Thank you.


  6. Asalaam Alaykum
    I am a 29 year old Muslim man born in America with an American and Jordanian citizenship. Do I need the permission of the Saudi gov. to get married to a Saudi woman ? Can I live in Saudi if I do marry a Saudi woman ? baarak Allaahu feek


    1. Yes, a Saudi woman must apply for permission to marry a non-Saudi (unless they are from one of the six GCC states). The Saudi woman must go with her mahram to the emarah and apply. You can live in Saudi Arabia under the sponsorship of your Saudi wife. Wa feek barakAllah.


      1. Does she still need permission from the gov. to marry me if I use my Jordanian citizenship ? What are the basic requirements besides a marriage contract do we need ? Will she lose any gov. benefits ? Will I be allowed to work in Saudi ? baarak Allaahu feekum


        1. I do not know if Jordan and Morocco have been officially accepted into the GCC. If Jordan has been accepted, then I assume that she would not need permission. Go to the “Saudi Marriage Permission” page at the top of the home page on the blog. You will find answers to most of your questions regarding procedures insha’Allah. Just recently, there was an announcement in the news regarding the children of Saudi women and non-Saudi men will have citizenship. The non-Saudi spouse will be sponsored by the Saudi wife. I do not know if this extends to permission to work. I think you would have to be sponsored directly by an employer wallahu alim.


  7. I know this may seem out of place but I am a member of that Facebook page for women only and I cant seem to find it on facebook. did you deactivate it?


  8. Salam Tara,

    This is a very interesting site. I am really surprised actually about all the difficulties that people go through to marry a Saudi. I am an American married to a Saudi woman from a very big tribe. Thank God I didn’t face all of the difficulties that people on your site have had. Actually, the procedures were rather simple for us since her father agreed to the marriage immediately.

    We did the trip to the emarah thing in Riyadh and I was present just to submit copies of my university degrees, iqama, letter of employment, and passport. In addition, I had to show my original passport. She had to be in the women’s section to state that she agreed with the marriage and she had to bring some documents with her that were from her work and copies of her ID and father’s ID. After that, they gave her an application to fill out which comprises all of the information about her family and she has to agree that her children will not be Saudis (this was in 2010).

    After all of this, they issued me with a letter to go do the medical exam in Riyadh. It takes about 10 days to get the results. I had to pick up my results and then submit them to my wife’s father. Since both of us have no diseases and our blood work doesn’t prevent us from having children with diseases, all the paperwork had to be given back to the emarah by her and then it was sent to the Ministry of Interior who gave her a number to follow up the case.

    In about 2 weeks, the ministry approved the marriage and sent the documents to the emarah who then immediately sent the papers to the court. All we had to do is go to the court with the case number that the emarah gave her and that was it. It took about a month for everything to be done.


    1. Wa alaikum as-salam, thanks for visiting FHWS and taking the time to comment. Alf mabruk on getting your permission quickly and your new marriage! Masha’Allah you were blessed with having an easy time. May Allah grant you and your wife many happy years together ameen.


    2. you are really were blessed! i am hearing horror stories about this and its the first time someone says something positive about it 😀
      My fiancee’s father said it would take 2 weeks if you have a super big wasta


  9. assalamu alaikkum
    i am non muslim women before 8 yrs i converted to islam and got married with one muslim man i was tortured me a lot for these 8 yrs.we dont have children , now he is working in saudi arabia and i am also live with him in saudia . we both are indian citizens . now i decide to get divorce from him through indian embassy in saudi arabia , because if i go to india i dont have chance to get divorce from him so please help me to get divorce from him


    1. Wa alaikum as-salam, I know nothing about Indian marriage/divorce in Saudi Arabia. If the Indian Embassy can’t help you then maybe you should try the court or Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  10. So if my fiance is less than 35 means he can’t get a permission to get married in Saudi?i’m an american citizen, and we are trying to get the permission before he brings me there


  11. I have a Saudi Father and non-saudi mother. My papers for citizenship is already in-process and hopefully be finish. My problem is that my girlfriend got pregnant. Please advise what would be the best thing to do? Or what would be the impact to me and my child if we get married before the papers come out?


    1. Children born of a Saudi father and non-Saudi mother automatically get Saudi citizenship. As a Saudi citizen, if you want to marry a non-Saudi woman, you must apply for the marriage permission. See the page, “Do It Right” at the top of the blog on the homepage.


  12. If a couple is divorced n the wife is working in Saudi,is it legal 4 them 2 live together in da same compound sharin da family visa


      1. I don’t know anyone. You need to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. By the way, I think you know the government is cracking down on illegals and has said it will punish severely those who are still in the country after the November 3rd deadline.


  13. Salaam,
    I’m an American and I want to marry a British citizen. Her father is her iqama sponsor. Her father does not want us to marry. But her brother who is slightly younger than her but still an adult will act as her mahram. Will the Sharia court marry us? And will they transfer her iqama sponsorship to me? Jazak Allahu kheiran.


    1. Wa alaikum as-salam, I was told that if the father is alive then no other mahram can take his place. She might be able to approach a judge and plead her case and he may give permission for her to marry. Only after you are married legally, will you be able to sponsor her on the iqamah. Wa iyakum.


  14. URGENT: Assalamualaikum sisters: This question is for expat sisters married to Saudis. In your iqamas, do you have the “Not entitled to work” written under your picture on the ID? If yes, are you still allowed to work (since your husband is the sponsor and that you are considered equivalent to a Saudi employed) under that status or do we need to correct it? I know its late but its still not too late to know this and I really want to know, how do we get the line removed from the iqama?


    1. Wa alaikum as-salam, yes I have the “not allowed to work” on my iqamah. The law has changed though, non-Saudi wives can now work and be counted as nitaqat. I assume that once your iqamah expires, the wording will no longer be included on the new iqamah. Your Saudi should ask the passport department since he will end up having to go there anyway.


  15. assalamu alaikum m maried women 23 yr old my husbund working in riyadh m also do work in riyadh before mrg i hd passport .can we stay togthr n riyadh can i do job.plz gve me crct information


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