Thanks to the thoughtful suggestion of Dr. Hameed, I created a message forum for the purpose of matchmaking. The link to the forum is below. Disclaimer: FHWS provides an opportunity for its visitors to advertise for marriage feesabillah and to please Allah but because I can’t vouch for anyone’s character whom I don’t know personally, you agree by participating in this venture to absolve me of any responsibility should proposals, engagements and marriages not succeed. This is a marriage matchmaking resource and FHWS will not entertain any posts soliciting girlfriends or boyfriends. As always, please fear Allah and respect others. May Allah grant us all the best in this world and the next ameen. Thank you for understanding.

The message forum is password protected to secure the privacy of participants. Please email me to get the password to enter the forum:

Billahi tawfiq!

A Few Points To Make Regarding The Matchmaking Forum
Updated 13 September 2015

The matchmaking forum is the only way that I can offer assistance when it comes to the subject of searching for a spouse. It is not meant to be “active” as it is not a social media platform (if that was the case then I would have set it up on Google+ or Yahoo Groups). It is there for whoever needs it for as long as anyone contributes to it. Mostly brothers and sisters contact me in private and I can only suggest that they add their details to the forum. So the number of people posting there does not reflect who is actually interested. Understandably, it is probably because they are too private to share their details in public. But I can do nothing with private requests because I don’t want to be that closely involved in the process. The concerned parties must do the follow up queries as well as investigations as I can never vouch for anyone that I have never met nor recommend them for marriage unless I know them personally. I would suggest that when entering your particulars, you provide an email address that you do not mind putting out in the blogosphere for candidates to contact you. You can simply make one up for this purpose. If you are a sister, let your mahram or wakeel post his email address. Do NOT use your real name on the forum. Use a nickname or an alias and provide your real name in a reply to an email when you feel comfortable enough to do so. Finally, I have made the matchmaking forum as private as possible with a password and moderation of posts to ensure no players or spammers get through. However, in this day and age, do not expect much privacy on the internet. If you are that worried about privacy, it is better to conduct your matchmaking affairs in person, in the real world. Thank you and best wishes in your marriage pursuits,


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17 thoughts on “MatchMaking”

  1. I am Muslim, I belong to Pakistan.
    I am married & I have five Children, can I marry a Saudi woman & what will be her martial status, Qualifications (priority Islamic) how can I know about her current status, divorced, widow or virgin.
    Abu Abdullah


  2. Dear Tara, I am an Italian gentlemen living in Europe, converted into islam a year ago. I have a long distant relationship with a Saudi Arabian gentle lady. I am aware that the law has changed some weeks ago regarding the age difference between a Saudi Lady and a foreign man in obtaining a marriage permit from the Saudi Government.
    This is a devastating news. The age difference between my lady and myself is 15 years ( I am 53 and she is 38 )
    Could you confirm me if this is true? I do not intend to live in Saudi Arabia.
    If the parents of my lady agree on our marriage, what you suggest me to do ?
    Your reply will be appreciated.


    1. Ismael,

      I regret to inform you that it is in fact true that there are new laws. However in your case it seems that you qualify as far as ages and the difference being less than 30 years between both of your ages. Important step is now to get the family to agree. If that goes well then she must go with her mahrem to the emarah and apply for the marriage permission.

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      1. Dear Tara, I truly appreciate your quick response and I am grateful to you and to your organizational.
        I believe that the age difference between a foreign man and a saudi lady must not exceed 10 years. I read in few articled confirming what I mentioned above.
        You confirm this ? If this is confirmed, is a violation of human right . But I believe they don’t care about human rights anyhow to apply such ridiculous law. It makes the world laugh and cray at the same time.
        Awaiting your response.
        Thank you Tara


        1. “The rules for Saudi women planning to marry foreigners include a clause that stipulates that the age difference between them must not exceed 10 years.”

          I am so sorry that I made a mistake in my earlier answer which was the age difference between a Saudi man and non-Saudi woman. The above quote is relevant to you as a non-Saudi man wanting to marry a Saudi woman. Your ages exceed the allowed limit. I deeply empathize with your grievance. May Allah rectify these racist laws and replace them with laws that are in accordance to Islam ameen. You are most welcome. I hope that you are able to find an alternative solution…please keep me updated insha’Allah.

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    2. I have been informed by a FHWS reader that the new rules have been temporarily rescinded. It might mean they are reconsidering passage of the law. If I were you, I would tell your Saudi to go with her mahram to the emarah to apply for the permission as soon as possible!!!! We don’t know how long it will be for this door to close again…Allah forbid. May Islamic law prevail ameen.


  3. Dear Tania, yes, I agree with you. This is the most abnormal law ever written and applied. Probably with the consent of there parents the best solution would be to civil marriage here in Europe where age and religion are irrelevant as Saudi laws are only valid in Saudi Arabia.
    Do you know what documents my future spouse needs to be officially translated ? ( such as free status to marry ) I don’t kbow the name of such document in arabic
    Your answers appreciated.


  4. Assalaamualikum wrwb,
    Dear Sister,

    I pray that this message reaches you in good health and spirits. MashaaAllah I must say, I was mesmerized by your efforts and hard work for the muslim community. I saw your blog while I was searching for “consequences of marrying a Saudi girl (pros and cons)” in google. Please help me in this regard. I am an Indian, born in Saudi (Riyadh) and graduated from university in Riyadh. I pray that may Allah reward you in this world and hereafter.


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